Joydeep D. Chaudhuri, MD, MS

Associate Professor
Biomedical Education


M.D., Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal, India

M.S., All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India


Gross Anatomy, Neuroscience, Histology and Embyology

Most recent teaching experience:

Professor in the College of Health and Pharmacy, Husson University, Bangor, Maine

Most recent publications / presentations:

Chaudhuri JD. “An Initial Preparation for Human Cadaveric Dissection Ameliorates the Associated Mental Distress in Students” Anat Sci Educ, in press

Rao V, Viswakanth B, Moinis, R, Chaudhuri JD. “The Integration of Pre-laboratory Assignments within Neuroanatomy Augment Academic Performance, Increase Engagement and Enhance Intrinsic Motivation in Students”. Anat Sci Educ (in press)

Chaudhuri JD. “Changes in the learning styles and approaches of students following incorporation of drawing during cadaveric dissection”. Clin Anat. 2021 34(3):437-450.

Rao V, Chaudhuri JD. “The role of prelaboratory assignments in the improvement of academic performance and enhancement of intrinsic motivation in human cadaveric anatomy”, MOJ Anatomy & Physiology, 2021, 8(1): 11-17.

Chaudhuri JD. “Positive Changes in Learning Preferences and Improved Academic Performance following Incorporation of Drawing Exercises during Cadaveric Dissection”. Presented at the American Association of Occupational Therapy (AOTA) Education Summit, October 16-17, 2020.

Mustafa VSK, Venugopala RB, Chaudhuri JD. “Changes in Learning styles and Intrinsic Motivation following implementation of HVOD in Cadaveric Dissection. Presented at the American Association for Anatomy (AAA) Annual Meeting, April 6-10, 2020.

Chaudhuri JD. “The effectiveness of Haptico-Visual Observation and Drawing (HVOD) technique in the Teaching of Anatomy in an Occupational Therapy Program”. Presented at the American Association of Occupational Therapy (AOTA) Education Summit, October 17-19, 2019.