What is the Residency Match?

All DO and MD graduates utilize the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) to begin the process of matching into a residency specialty of their choice.  The National Residency Match Program (NRMP) match occurs in March each year for senior medical students to attempt to be accepted for their preferred residency and location.  Residencies may be located at academic medical centers, community hospitals, military facilities, VA hospitals, or  Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) serving the rural and/or underserved areas.  All soon to be  graduates (DO and MD) compete for these positions at ACGME approved residency programs. Main Residency Match Data and Reports can be found on the The Match, National Residency Matching Program website. Visit NRMP’s Main Residency Match Data and Reports page for the full reports.

Central Valley Residency Program Development

There is rapid growth in undergraduate medical education in order to meet the needs of a changing demographic. This has resulted in the need to develop additional residency training positions across the country. Relative to the number of graduating medical students, there is a growing concern that the number of increases in post-graduate (residency) training programs are not keeping pace. CHSU is dedicated to working with existing facilities and new clinical settings to start or increase the number of residency positions in and around the Central Valley.  We know that our area has a significant shortage of providers.  We also know that a large percentage of residents stay within 50-100 miles of where they complete their residency to practice.  Our mission specifically outlines our desire to increase healthcare access by educating new physicians, increasing opportunities for residency in our area, thereby significantly increasing the number of physicians in the Central Valley to create better health access to our communities.

We are working with a number of hospitals, hospital systems, and clinics in our area to help encourage them to choose to add graduate medical education opportunities here in the Central Valley and provide them with resources to help make the resident experience exceptional.  Many of our local and surrounding facilities understand the importance of graduate medical education and are taking steps to add GME positions to provide excellent training to the many new graduates beginning in 2024.


Local Residencies Available to CHSU-COM Graduates

InstitutionsCitiesResidency ProgramsPGY-1 SpotsDirector
Adventist HealthHanfordHanford Family Medicine6 Jyothi R Patri, MD
Adventist HealthTulareFamily Medicine6 Jerry Neria, MD
Clinica Sierra VistaBakersfieldFamily Medicine8 Carol Stewart, MD
Dignity, Mercy Medical CenterMercedFamily Medicine8 John B  Paik-Tesch, MD
Dignity, St. Joseph’s Medical CenterStocktonAnesthesiology5 Abdalhai Alshoubi, MD
Dignity, St. Joseph’s Medical CenterStocktonFamily Medicine6 Hanadi Abou Dargham, MD
Dignity, St. Joseph’s Medical CenterStocktonEmergency Medicine9Jennifer Oakes, MD
Dignity, St. Joseph’s Medical CenterStocktonInternal Medicine10Robert Protell, MD
Dignity, St. Joseph’s Medical CenterStocktonPsychiatry7Vijaya Ekambaram, MD
Dignity, St. Joseph’s Medical CenterStocktonTransitional Year10D. Brian Wood, MD
Kaiser PermanenteModestoEmergency Medicine8Nur-Ain Nadir, MD
Kaweah DeltaVisaliaAnesthesiology4Emily Smith, MD
Kaweah DeltaVisaliaEmergency Medicine13Sean Oldroyd, DO
Kaweah DeltaVisaliaFamily Medicine7Mario Martinez, MD
Kaweah DeltaVisaliaPsychiatry6Mandeep Bagga, MD
Kaweah DeltaVisaliaGeneral Surgery5Sebastiano Cassaro, MD
Kaweah DeltaVisaliaTransitional Year12Michael Stanley, DO
Kern Medical CenterBakersfieldEmergency Medicine7Manish N. Amin, DO
Kern Medical CenterBakersfieldObstetrics and Gynecology4Petre Motiu, MD
Kern Medical CenterBakersfieldInternal Medicine10Scott Ragland, DO
Kern Medical CenterBakersfieldPsychiatry6Mohammed Molla, MD
Natividad Medical CenterSalinasFamily Medicine10Melissa Nothnagle, MD
Saint Agnes Medical CenterFresnoFamily Medicine8Sumera Hayat, MD
Saint Agnes Medical CenterFresnoInternal Medicine16Hemant Dhingra, MD
Saint Agnes Medical CenterFresnoEmergency Medicine8Jesse Kellar, MD
Saint Agnes Medical CenterFresnoTransitional Year12Clifton Van Putten, MD
San Joaquin GeneralFrench CampInternal Medicine11Syung Min Jung, MD
San Joaquin GeneralFrench CampSurgery6Frederick D. Cason, MD
San Joaquin GeneralFrench CampFamily Medicine8Elyas Parsa, DO
Sierra ViewPortervilleInternal Medicine Categorical12Paul Watanakunakorn MD
Sierra ViewPortervilleInternal Medicine Preliminary4Paul Watanakunakorn MD
UCSF FresnoFresnoOB/GYN4Christopher Downer, MD
UCSF FresnoFresnoInternal Medicine23Steven Tringali, DO
UCSF FresnoFresnoEmergency Medicine12Stacy Sawtelle-Vohra, MD
UCSF FresnoFresnoFamily Medicine12Sireesha Reddy, MD
UCSF FresnoFresnoOrthopaedic Surgery4Armen K. Martirosian, MD
UCSF FresnoFresnoPediatrics6Steven Foster, DO
UCSF FresnoFresnoPsychiatry6Craig Campbell, MD
UCSF FresnoFresnoSurgery4Amy Kwok, MD
Valley Children’s HospitalMaderaPediatrics13Vini Vijayan, MD
Valley Consortium for Medical EducationModestoFamily Medicine12Daniel Diep, MD
Valley Consortium for Medical EducationModestoOrthopaedic Surgery3William Holmes, MD
Valley Health TeamFresnoFamily Medicine4Lydia Herrera-Mata, MD

CHSU-COM Match Rates

The CHSU-COM will publish their GME match results when available after their inaugural class of osteopathic medical students participate in the residency matches during the 2023-24 academic year (AY).

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